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Unknown Assailants Hack Govt Computers

“We will deal to those behind this.”

At around 5pm last night, the Andersonian Government found itself in a most startling position: its computers had been hacked.

Emergency systems were online an hour later, but vital computers controlling defence, the economy, security and countless other important services remain offline. It is unclear where the hack has come from, although it is suspected it may have come from either of the enemy states of Telea or Dysonia.

Minister of Defence J.C. Prescott stated in a press conference last night that “those responsible will be caught and dealt with.”

While technicians are working around the clock to restore order, it is feared that this weakness in Andersonia’s defence network will be manipulated to the extent of an attack on Andersonian soil. A §15,000 reward has been offered for knowledge leading to the arrest of those responsible.

Systems controlling electric, gas and water supplies remain on in the cities, although rural centres may experience brownouts for the next few days.

For more on updates on this story, visit www.times.com.ad.

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One comment on “Unknown Assailants Hack Govt Computers

  1. […] Today’s article reports on a computer breakdown, which in typical Andersonian fashion was reported as a hacking. The computer in question, an already fragile Vista computer from early 2007, was revived a few days later, but only weeks afterwards died completely. The tower now resides in the possession of the National Centre of Computing’s Havilland maintenance centre, where it has not been switched on in over five years. […]

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