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Zona becomes Siroccan dominion

Alston, NCD, Mar 21 – Zona has formally become part of Sirocco today after the Dominion of Zona Act 2012 became active.

A grand breakfast was held near Ridgelow this morning in honour of the successful merger of two of the MicroWiki community’s most pro-capitalist states. Afterwards speeches were held and the national anthem played with great gusto and strength. Throughout the day there has been a party atmosphere in Alston and it is thought the same is happening in Zageta, the newly-named capital of Zona.

“Today is a fantastic day for both Sirocco and Zona.” Premier Daniel Anderson said in a statement today. “I am confident Nick [Woode-Smith] and I will be able to work together on issues and progress our now united micronations forward into the future.”

Sirocco now comprises a total of ten provinces and four dependencies, and it has been confirmed a Census will soon be on its way.

Work will soon begin on updating the MicroWiki articles regarding Sirocco and Zona.

One comment on “Zona becomes Siroccan dominion

  1. […] hard work went into organising the merger of the states via the Dominion of Zona Act 2012 until Sirocco finally absorbed Zona as three provinces. However despite the euphoria, Alston was threatened at the end of the month by a group of unruly […]

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