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Ministry of Finance unveils new simoleon notes

Alston, NCD, May 16 – The Ministry of Finance has shown off Sirocco’s new banknotes today, replacing Sirocco’s fifteen-month old “2011 series” notes. The banknotes were unveiled at around 4pm NZST this afternoon. The biggest change has been the demonetisation of the §500 note. Worth NZ$800, it was seen as unnecessary and cumbersome. Other changes include […]

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Commonwealth Avenue: Sandus plays the Nazi Card, anyone surprised?

Fush is Natzi scum, or at least Will would like to think so… Story of the Century: A1 is to be disestablished (apparently). Story of the Lulz: Sandus thinks A1 is a modern Nazi Germany. You think I’m joking? In this fantastic bit of tripe from his local rag, Will Sörgel of the Ever So Highly […]

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Government to introduce assistance programme

Alston, NCD, May 5 – The Siroccan Government is to launch a scheme to assist Siroccans finding it hard to make their way through the current economic climate. Announced this evening by Premier Daniel Anderson, the Commonwealth Assistance Programme aims to provide monetary and food aid to Siroccan citizens experiencing hardship in the current economic […]

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