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Sirocco to establish national parks

PARKLAND: Brother Island (pictured) will become part of the new Cambria Islands National Park on Saturday.

PARKLAND: Brother Island (pictured) will become part of the new Cambria Islands National Park on Saturday.

Alston, CA, Dec 17 – Sirocco is to gain a number of national parks following legislation passed this afternoon in Alston.

The National Parks Act 2013 gives provision for the establishment of national parks in order to preserve “area[s] of outstanding beauty, natural or man-made, that
is of great cultural and scenic importance to the nation”.

In order to become a national park, a park under local or provincial control can be recommended to the Department of Sport and Recreation, which will pass a ruling within four months as to the suitability of the park for national park status.

Sirocco shall have nine national parks after the Act comes into force on Saturday, scattered across Cambria, Halvorson, the Gillies Dependency and the Muldoon Protectorate.

Cambria has the most, with six across Ackland District and Alston City.

The Department of Sport and Recreation released a statement to the media a short time ago stating that “the creation of national parks will preserve the finest parts of Sirocco for future generations to enjoy, and will allow our beautiful country to be enjoyed by everyone.”

Sirocco’s national parks will be open to all free of charge.



  • Cambria Islands National Park (Brother and Baker Islands)
  • Homestead National Park (ruins west of A5 North East Passage)
  • Shelly Bay National Park (Shelly Bay mudflats)
  • Tent Pegs National Park (Tent Pegs National Forest)
  • Gardenia National Park (Gardenia park and forest)
  • Alston Domain (Alston City)


  • Halvorson National Park (Otanaki Forest)


  • Gillies National Park (Hexagon Rocks)


  • Sidney Holland National Park
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One comment on “Sirocco to establish national parks

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