“Sirocco ready for 2014″ – Premier

Alston, CA, Dec 31 – Premier Daniel Anderson has hailed the year 2013 as a “triumph”, and has said the country is ready to take on the challenges “of what may be our hardest year yet.” Speaking in Alston this morning ahead of new year celebrations, Anderson said that he was excited for the prospects of […]

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“Second Sirocco” project begins

Alston, NCD, Aug 27 – The Siroccan National Government has announced the beginning of an initiative to prepare Sirocco for major changes early next year. Dubbed the “Second Sirocco Project”, the objective is to organise many aspects of Sirocco for a possible shift in location next year. While no formal location has been confirmed, it […]

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FCA Currency Announced by Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has announced that the official currency of the Federal Commonwealth of Andersonia shall be the ANDERSONIAN SIMOLEON (§, ASM). This shall be divided into shillings (s). CURRENCY STRUCTURE 100 shillings (100s) make 1 Simoleon (§1). 10 shillings (10s) make 1 decimal (1d). 10 decimals (10d) make 1 Simoleon (§1). 25 shillings (25s) may […]

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