Founder of Sealand passes away aged 91

Leigh-on-Sea, England, Oct 12 – Paddy Roy Bates, founder of the Principality of Sealand and widely considered to be the father of micronationalism, has died. He was 91 years old. Bates, more well-known by his micronational title of Prince Roy, occupied the WWII-era Fort Roughs offshore platform in 1967 and declared his independence from Britain. […]

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Anderson founds Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco

Alston, NCD, Nov 4 – After 65 days of planning, the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco has at last been founded. At 11:13am this morning, after being sworn in by Vice-Premier Jesse Coles, Premier Daniel Anderson gave the following announcement: “As Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco, it is my greatest pleasure and honour to […]

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Micronationalism gains mixed responses: Premier slams ‘Subversive Dissidents’

Alston, NCD, Oct 11 – Premier Daniel Anderson today publicly announced plans for a new micronation (Sirocco) within New Zealand, which has gained mixed responses. Upon revealing plans at around 2:20pm this afternoon, Premier Anderson received numerous responses, many of which were positive, but a few that contained more than a little slander. Whilst the Premier was […]

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