Commonwealth Avenue: Look! Liberal Tiana!

Egad! It’s the fall of communism in Tiana! I woke up this morning to learn of tremendously wonderful happenings in one of the community’s most hard-out communist states. It seems Joe Puglisi was hurled out of office and replaced by that Romanian chap we all know and love, dear Ciprian Jucaresti. The communist government which […]

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Community in meltdown as accusations fly

Alston, NCD, Sep 8 – Sirocco has become involved in what is possibly the largest debate in the history of the MicroWiki community following the leak of a dossier by former Erusian leader Robert Lethler. While the Siroccan Government has refused to release all details, it is known that the dossier accused Yablokon leader Aldrich Lucas […]

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National Peoples Party labelled “Nazis”

South Denton, DCP, Zealandia, Jul 11 – An investigation has been launched into election campaign material produced by Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Leader Joseph Puglisi after he produced posters and a video that breached two sections of the Elections Act 2010.  The posters, which included pictures of Adolf Hitler and swastikas and proclaiming such slogans […]

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